About Us

Hello there

You’re busy working, kids are going to school, the house is a mess, if one more person asks what’s for dinner you’ll scream… sound familiar?

Today’s family life can be pretty chaotic. With work, kids at school, sport and who knows how many birthday parties to attend, we wanted to create an easy to use directory of services that can help you get organised so you can spend more time with your kids.

Organise My Family has been created to help busy families get organised.

Choosing the bits of house management that you would rather outsource, you can free up your valuable time and use it for something far more important – hanging out with your family and even looking after yourself.

Being organised can save time in the long run – and how you get there doesn’t have to be the hard way. There are no prizes for doing everything yourself!

I’m Celia and my ability to find shortcuts for life admin is next level. I’m a keen juggler: parenting, working, maintaining family and running a household. I’m excited to share with you tips and tricks to organise your family life. Life’s too short to not be spending your precious spare time with your family.

Let’s organise your family.