I love using technology to make our lives easier. There are so many sites that can help your day run smoothly – so I’m sharing a few apps that help me juggle kids, life and work!

  1. Website: Commonsense media. This is a US-based website that provides easy to understand (and skim!) reviews of games, movies, books, the works! If you don’t have enough time to watch a movie beforehand, this website gives an amazingly good run down of what is included, letting you judge from there if it is suitable for your kid.
  2. Tripview – or any public transport app: these are a lifesaver for me. Being able to see exactly what time train I need to hop on to make sure I’m back in time for after school care pick up, allows me to work backwards and ensure I’m never late. Also handy for weekend excursions and making sure you aren’t having to hang around with kids at the train station for too long. Public transport timetable apps are fantastic for also showing you when there are delays – this always allows me to call for help if I know that I won’t be back in time.
  3. Timehop: I love this app! It reminds you every day of photos you took on this day, for every year. Sometimes when work is very stressful and everything is getting a bit much, one quick look through Timehop makes me smile as I see all the cute pics of my kids from years past. It doesn’t do anything more fancy than that, but I always make an effort to get some family snaps on any day that ever turns up blank so I don’t have a blank day this time next year!
  4. Hey You! I use this app every day – my treat to myself is a morning coffee. Sometimes with kids sports, or late mornings, I don’t have time to hang around and wait for a coffee to be ordered and made, but this app solves that problem. With Hey You, you order your coffee when you’re leaving home (and it charges your credit card) and the coffee shop starts making it then, I just swing by and pick it up on my way through. These days I do slow down a smidge to drop in a Keep Cup, but I get to jump the queue with my pre-ordered coffee!

These are just some of the apps I’m using a lot right now – I’d love to hear what apps you use all the time! Let me know in the comment section below:

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