School holidays over summer always feel like they are lasting forever – especially when you’re juggling the kids with work.

Before you know it, it will be back to school time – we are only two and a bit weeks away!

Some things you will need to think of:

School shoes

Do last year’s fit? Are they in good condition or do they need replacing? Lots of shoe stores have fittings and discounts at this time of year so have a Google before you hit the shops.


Does it still fit? Has your child grown over summer? Does the hem need adjusting? Or replacing? Don’t leave it until the last minute! Again, some uniform shops have discounts at this time of year – shop around if you can to save some money!

School bag

Can it go through the wash? Is it empty from last year? I put ours in the washing maching with stain remover as well – then hang it on the line to really give it a good clean.


Some schools you bring your own, some supply it – if you need to bring your own, do you have everything you need?

Lunchbox and drink bottle

Are these good to go from last year? Or do you need a new one? There are plenty of options from cheap and cheerful to deluxe. As an example – if you have a child that destroys their lunchboxes regularly with food spillsperhaps opt for a KMart type one that you won’t mind replacing regularly.

Travel pass

Organise what you need to do with the relevant body to cover your child’s school transportation.

School accessories

Locate your child’s hat, raincoat, paint shirt and library bag ready for the year to begin.

Cover any books

I think the world is made up of people who love contacting books and those who dread it – either way it has to be done. Often the kids who get bubbles in their books enjoy popping them throughout the year – so no need to beat yourself up about it!

Label everything!

This is the most important. Get your child’s name on everything they own – their hat, raincoat, library bag, stationery, uniforms, lunchbox and drink bottle. Every thing possible. It will save drama in the long run.

Confirm your before and after school care plans –

Make sure you have every day covered!

Enjoy your time with the kids while you can – and make sure nothing gets missed as they head back to school with this handy back to school checklist:


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