We were going to the movies the other week and I remembered we had a gift voucher. After searching the house and finally finding it, it turns out it expired months ago. Ugh. What a waste.

Gift cards are a great idea for a present – I love getting them!  But they are an even better present when you remember to use them before they expire. Who has time to remember that on top of everything else? Life is busy!

So here’s an easy trick to make sure I never forget a gift voucher again.

Step 1

Put the voucher in your wallet – seems obvious, but mine always end up on a desk or in a cupboard, or anywhere else that magically won’t be where the shop in question is!

Step 2

On your iPhone, there’s an app called “Reminders” – open it up, and add a new reminder with the name of the shop and voucher – e.g. Target voucher.

Step 3

For restaurants or experience type vouchers:
Click on the little “i” next to it. Select: Remind me on a day – choose two months before it expires if it’s a restaurant or experience type voucher. Or better still, book it in straight away so you don’t miss out.

For shop / retail vouchers:
Select: Remind me at a location: Type in the location of the shopping centre, and select remind me when I arrive. Next time you go to the shops, you’ll get a reminder that the voucher is sitting in your wallet and you should use it!